How Your Giving Has Helped Us


We distributed 1,752 coats to needy children from October 2020 to January 2021 through our Warm Coats for Kids program.


From October to December 2020, we distributed 34,231 meals to needy children through H.O.P.E. Meals for Kids.

Gifts for children

Through the Christmas House program, we gave 2,273 presents to children during the holiday season in 2020.

A Little Goes a long Way

Only $6 to give hope

$6.00 feeds a family of four (4) a complete dinner

Help For Students

1,400 children in the Stanwood Camano School District are on a free or reduced lunch program.

Care for community

82,000 individuals are struggling with food insecurity in Snohomish and Island Counties

Help us take better care of our neighbors

Three Simple Ways To Help


Through our A Simple Gesture Program, you can donate non-perishable items to families in need. We provide you with a reusable bag and pick it up from your porch. We also accept cash donations for funding our other programs.


One of the easy ways to help alleviate hunger in our community is by volunteering. Your time and support make a difference and help us shape our community into a kinder and better place for individuals and families in need.


Stanwood Camano Foodbank Services put together events for the purpose of raising food, funds, or both. We hold these events all throughout the year. With your active participation, we are able to lend a hand to those who need it most.

Grants and Community

The generosity and support of our community and local businesses means everything, here are a couple of the latest donations and grants to the Stanwood Camano Food Bank.

Stillaguamish Tribe & Angel of the Winds Casino Resort
Stillaguamish Tribe & Angel of the Winds Casino Resort
Stillaguamish Tribe & Angel of the Winds Casino Resort

Truly an angel of an organization that was instrumental in making an unusually hard year much easier for Stanwood Camano Food Bank. With their very generous $300,000 donation, we were able to find timely solutions for the long lines forming at the food bank. With the Tribe and casino’s community-minded initiative, Stanwood Camano Foodbank Services breathed easier in 2020 and during the holiday season. It is an honor to be under their wings.

Boeing and Island County CARES
Boeing and Island County CARES
Boeing and Island County CARES

Employees of Boeing Grant and Island County CARES were instrumental in Stanwood Camano Food Bank’s purchase of a new refrigerated truck. They donated $40,000 and $66,000, respectively, to our organization. We utilized this amount to procure the truck that has since made our operations easier and allowed us to help more needy individuals and families in our community. Both companies are our valued neighbors that help us take care of our community.

If your organization would like to partner with Stanwood Camano Food Bank, kindly contact us